About Me


I’m a content strategiest specializing in engaging, social and SEO content.

As a Community Manager for Adobe Social, I work closely with Fortune 500/100 brands to develop their social content.

While Content and Social Media Manager for a fast-paced start-up company, I had the good fortune to take the lead on a variety of projects. Whether it’s copywriting, developing webinars, or managing our social media networks, the marketing and product teams have come to depend on me for my creative insights. You can see some of this work on the SnapApp blog.

And of course, I regularly post articles about content strategy, writing, social media and more on my blog.

In my free time, I created and run ?Yes, Totally, a website about entertaining, event planning, and parties.

What is the story behind “Asma George”?

My name is Asma George Stephan, and believe it or not, it took me a while to grow into my name.

My family moved to the U.S. from Lebanon, and my dad was the one who filled out our paperwork. He did a great job, really, except he had a little trouble with one field: “Middle Name.” In Lebanon you don’t have middle names, you have your first name, last name, and your father’s first name. Let’s say your dad’s name was Steve, well, then it’d be common to be called “ibin Steve” or “Steve’s son.” And so, my “middle” name became my father’s name: George. And both my brothers, their middle names? Yeah, both George. Oh, and my mom? Her middle name is also, somehow, George.

As an easily embarrassed, awkward kid, you can bet I tried to hide my middle name or pretend I just didn’t have one. But, wouldn’t you know it? You get older and slowly start to fall in love with the weird, oddball stuff that makes you, you. So, Asma George it is.


If you would like to see more samples of my work or are interested in contracting me for freelance work, please contact me:?asmageorge@gmail.com


Content strategist specializing in engagement and SEO content development.