Chevron Nail Art

I love the striking, geometric visual that chevron or Missoni patterns create. That’s why I was so struck by the Missoni nail design featured on The Beauty Department’s site. I wanted to recreate it, but honestly, I’m not about to go to the store and buy oil pencils. My goal here was to try to [...]

Purple Cloud Nail Art

I love the cloud nail designs I’ve been seeing on the Nailside blog. They are super cute and such a great way to extend the life of your mani (the cloud tips cover up any chipping, while also adding a touch of whimsy!) I took a stab at it myself and created these purple clouds.

Nautical Nail Art

I am a huge fan of nautical prints, so when I saw this adorable nautical mani on The Beauty Deparment’s site I had to recreate it. I kept the nautical stripes and created an accent nail for the heart. A kind of deconstructed version of the The Beauty Department’s design. I don’t really like the [...]

Deal of the Week: Shimmery Ballet Flats

I am a big fan of ballet flats and I really want a great looking pair in a nude, neutral color. I did a little investigating and found a great pair at an affordable price. I thought I’d share since it’s SUCH a good deal. Just click on the images to learn more. I started [...]

Love Birds: A Valentine’s Day Nail Art Tutorial

I hope you enjoy this cute nail design about two little birds who find love Instructions: Paint your nails a cream color. Use the back of a make-up brush to paint a dot on your thumb. Create the tail feathers using three separate swipes from your nail polish brush. Use the back of a push [...]

Friday Faves: Valentine’s Day Candy Nails, Twisted Braid, and Jason Wu For Target!

A few of my absolute favorite things from around the web this week: ?Adorable?Valentine’s Day nails?from Fab Fatale. Cute (yet simple) idea for adding a twist to your braids (via?The Beauty Department) Jason Wu’s line will be at?Target?starting Sunday–don’t miss it! (View the Lookbook) Bulldog puppies learning to walk. And yeah, it’s as cute as [...]

How to Wear Bright Coral Skinny Jeans…In Winter

I really love the recent trend of wearing brightly colored skinny jeans.Unfortunately, it is still too cold to wear them, even in California (well….San Francisco). But, if you follow a few fashion rules, I think you can still rock bright skinny jeans during Winter. Don’t wear boots. I know it’s cold, but these jeans make [...]

Easy Polka Dot Nail Art

Polka dots are not only super cute, but they’re really easy. The trick is using a dotting tool, and picking up the color off of a piece of paper. There are lots of dotting tools you can use–toothpicks, bobby pins, the back of a make-up brush or a pen with no ink. You can even [...]

Nail Art Hearts – Valentine’s Day Nail Art Tutorial.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you know what that means! Hearts!! Create your own Valentine’s Day Nail art pattern with this really easy, simple heart tutorial.

Smart Tip When Cooking For One

Whether you cook for yourself because you live alone or for a loved one who has a special diet, you’ll find this tip handy! Most recipes serve four or more (usually six!) and it can be frustrating to make that much food for one person. That’s why when I cook for myself I divide the [...]

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