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High Low Dresses and Skirts Perfect for Spring

With warmer weather just around the corner I’m just dying to try out the high low dress and skirt trend. This trend is short in the front and long in the back, which is a great option for shorter girls who want to rock a long dress. Because you still show off some leg, the [...]

Peacock Inspired Nail Art

Fab Fatale recently posted this striking nail art design for peacock nails. I fell in love! But, like the author at Fab Fatale, I also don’t really like “accessories” on my nails (stickers, jewels, and the like). So, I opted to recreate the pattern with a dotting tool (in this case, a toothpick) and an [...]

Teddy Bear and Sweater

My good friend Sarah just had a baby. I made her a teddy bear and matching teddy bear sweater as a gift. Sarah and her husband opted to wait to find out the gender of the baby, so I went with neutral colors, though I wish I had opted for something more out of the [...]

Burberry Nails

My mom asks me to do her nails, and we normally do something simple like a sheer pink or a french tip. But this time we had a little fun and I pulled the pattern off of her favorite Burberry bag. What do you think?

Cherry Nails

I found this fantastic nail art tutorial channel on YouTube called cutepolish. I highly recommend it. Her designs are easy to re-create and really fun. The other day I tried out this adorable cherry print polish pattern (see video below for instructions to do it yourself). These would look absolutely precious with a summery dress!

ImPress Nails: A Review

While wandering around Union Square, I was able to nab a free sample of imPress Nails (which you may know from those TV commercials starring a sultry Nicole Scherzinger.) I’m not a big fan of press on nails: I can never find the right fit, they’re a pain to take off, and I usually end [...]

Chevron Nail Art

I love the striking, geometric visual that chevron or Missoni patterns create. That’s why I was so struck by the Missoni nail design featured on The Beauty Department’s site. I wanted to recreate it, but honestly, I’m not about to go to the store and buy oil pencils. My goal here was to try to [...]

Purple Cloud Nail Art

I love the cloud nail designs I’ve been seeing on the Nailside blog. They are super cute and such a great way to extend the life of your mani (the cloud tips cover up any chipping, while also adding a touch of whimsy!) I took a stab at it myself and created these purple clouds.

Nautical Nail Art

I am a huge fan of nautical prints, so when I saw this adorable nautical mani on The Beauty Deparment’s site I had to recreate it. I kept the nautical stripes and created an accent nail for the heart. A kind of deconstructed version of the The Beauty Department’s design. I don’t really like the [...]

Deal of the Week: Shimmery Ballet Flats

I am a big fan of ballet flats and I really want a great looking pair in a nude, neutral color. I did a little investigating and found a great pair at an affordable price. I thought I’d share since it’s SUCH a good deal. Just click on the images to learn more. I started [...]

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