ImPress Nails: A Review

While wandering around Union Square, I was able to nab a free sample of imPress Nails (which you may know from those TV commercials starring a sultry Nicole Scherzinger.)

I’m not a big fan of press on nails: I can never find the right fit, they’re a pain to take off, and I usually end up ripping off at least one by accident. (Ouch!)

imPress packaging in an adorable nail polish “bottle.”

But a free sample? Yeah, I’ll try that.


I arranged the nails as instructed, and the first thing I noticed was that these nails are really short. Aren’t long nails the whole point of wearing fake nails? I was able to find sizes that were a fairly close match to my nails, except for my ring finger, which didn’t have a match. (I ended up using the nail size I picked for my middle finger, which was close enough.) Normally, the thumb sizes for press on nails are way too huge, but these ones were actually a much better fit.


Voila! Instant manicure!

So what did I think? Well, I liked the color, it was a universally flattering red-orange that really popped. And the sizing was okay (You can see here that my ring and middle nail are the same). But I didn’t like the length. These were just a bit too short for my taste, a few more millimeters would have been perfect.

Also, the area at the cuticle was loose and kept coming up. As a result,?I ended up peeling them off well before the 10 days they were supposed to last. (But, at least it didn’t hurt!)

I might try imPress again–some of the patterns available on their site are pretty stunning, and definitely worth a try. But for the most part, I wasn’t….(wait for it)…impressed.

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