Starry Night: NYE Nail Art Tutorial

Do you have your New Year’s outfit put together yet? If you’re looking for a little extra dazzle, check out my nail tutorial below. The key to making these stars is using a special, thin brush–you can get it at any drugstore or pharmacy like Walgreens or CVS. Also, the smaller you make the stars, the better they’ll look!

NYE Nail Tutorial - Gold Stars - asmageorge

  1. Paint your nails a shimmery gold color. I used Revlon Gold Coin.
  2. Use a striper brush, like the black one from the Kiss Nail Art kit, and brush off any excess polish.
  3. Paint two small lines in the shape of a narrow, upside down V on your nail.
  4. Now make a small diagonal line from the bottom corner of the V across the middle.
  5. Finish off with a horizontal stripe to complete the star.
  6. Repeat in a pattern (I like the 2-1-2 pattern shown). Not all of your stars will be perfect, but the overall look will be more put together if you follow a pattern.
You might need to have a friend help you with the other hand, or, you can always just use this look on your ring finger.
Enjoy your New Year’s Eve nail art look!

Update: Just noticed the talented blogger at Nailside created a very similar star design (inverse, gold on black, and with bigger stars using an image plate). Check it out if you like the look!

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