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DDB :: B MOR Project

DDB client B MOR partnered with State Farm to create a fun interactive app for the B MOR Facebook Page. I wrote a series of diagnostic quizzes designed to help teens fulfill their potential and achieve their goals. >View full size >Download PDF  

Handel Group & Seguai:: How Perfect Is Your Body?

Seguai, an online marketing company, wanted a custom-branded quiz for their client, Handel Group. I wrote humorous and playful content designed to entertain customers as well as entice them to sign up for the Handel Group’s lifestyle and fitness program, The quiz questions were written to subtly collect helpful data about the users, including [...]

Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne :: Back to School Quiz Campaign

I developed promotional and engaging copy for Khol’s ?back to school? advertising campaign, featuring the?Avril Lavigne Abbey Dawn line. The campaign featured Abbey Dawn branded quizzes that were distributed on Quibblo, MySpace, and Facebook. The content was written for the client’s target audience, teen girls, and the?personality tests included: How Punk Rawk Are You? Are [...]

Obama ’08 Campaign :: Who Should I Vote For?

The “Who Should I Vote for Quiz” was written during the last presidential election. Since the quiz went live in January 2008 it has been taken by over 5 million people.?It is currently the number one search result for the phrase, “who should I vote for” in Google, and was used by Barack Obama’s 2008 [...]

FanPrizes :: Taylor Swift Tickets Giveaway, a sweepstakes site owned by Pangea Media, ran several contests and sweepstakes featuring concert ticket and vacation giveaways. Each sweepstakes required a sign-up form, relevant quiz, banner ads, interview with the winner, and official rules, which I was responsible for creating and managing, as needed. The Taylor Swift Sweepstakes is an example of one [...]

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