Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne :: Back to School Quiz Campaign

I developed promotional and engaging copy for Khol’s ?back to school? advertising campaign, featuring the?Avril Lavigne Abbey Dawn line.

The campaign featured Abbey Dawn branded quizzes that were distributed on Quibblo, MySpace, and Facebook. The content was written for the client’s target audience, teen girls, and the?personality tests included:

  • How Punk Rawk Are You?
  • Are You “Complicated”?
  • Are You Rock Star Material?
  • What Kind of Skater Boi is Right for You?
  • Which Avril Lavigne Song are You?
  • What is Your Style? (Pictured)

I also wrote promotional copy featured on the homepage, a sample of which is included as well.

During the 10 days that the quizzes were live, the quizzes were taken over 100,000 times and users posted over 1500 comments.

>View sample quiz
>View sample quiz results page
>View sample homepage copy
>Download PDF




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